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In order to register, simply visit and click “Sign up”. Once you have told us your name, email address and a few other details, we will send you a confirmation link by email.

Just click the confirmation link and get started! You now have a MOBROG profile, based on which we will invite you to online-surveys by email. By logging in, you are able to fill in your profile in greater detail. You can tell us, for example, what your hobbies are or which drinks you prefer. The more life you breathe into your profile - that is the more details about yourself you make in advance - the more selectively we will be able to invite you.

You can only register for the country you are in. If you register abroad, you will only receive surveys intended for citizens of that country and that are shown in the local language. After returning to your own country, you will no longer be able to start any surveys using your foreign profile.

This is why we would like to ask you to always register for the country you live in and where you usually reside and not from abroad.

If registration via the app is not successful, we recommend that you first register on our website (using a desktop / laptop computer or a mobile browser). Once you have completed registration and activated your profile, you can log in on the app using your email address and password and start taking part in exciting surveys. If you still have problems using the MOBROG app, please send us a screenshot and a short description of the problem, so we can look into things.

Just as for dates of birth, there are various different formats for postcodes around the world. Please make sure that you have tried all possible combinations of your postcode. This includes spaces, upper and lower case characters and also hyphens, as well as any long or not commonly used formats. You may also want to try postcodes of your direct vicinity. Once you have registered, you can change the postcode back. If all fails, please contact us indicating your postcode, so we can help you register.

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Immediately after you registered, we sent you an email containing an activation link. You have to click the activation link to activate your account.

Sometimes this email ends up in the spam / unknown folder of your email programme. Have you checked there? Did you provide us with your correct email address? Typos can happen easily!

Everything is spelled correctly but you still haven’t received anything? Don’t worry! Just click below to send a short message to our support team.

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The details you provided when registering and when updating your profile are used for the sole purpose of selecting participants for surveys. You will receive no advertising or other unwanted messages from us or from third parties.

Responses from surveys cannot be traced back to you as an individual. All data is pooled for analysis, e.g. “62 % of those surveyed think that...”